Achieve Optimal Health and Balance from an Alkaline Diet and Yoga

Practicing yoga and living an alkaline lifestyle have one major element in common: BALANCE. Yoga is physical, mental and spiritual. It emphasizes the balance of physical body alignment, strength, tone and stretch. It connects the mind and body, focusing on the breath to lower stress and anxiety.

The alkaline lifestyle includes eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables; low in dairy, meat, and processed foods. Hydrate often with clean, alkaline water/products and avoid acidic beverages such as sodas, energy drinks, and most bottled water because of the higher pH levels. This allows your body to flush out toxins and balance itself to its natural healthy state.

There are many styles of yoga practice and sometimes it takes a few classes before you find something that suits you, my favorite being Bikram hot yoga.

Yoga is also one of the only exercises that engages and stimulates your internal organs, keeping them healthy to prevent disease. When you supplement yoga with alkaline foods and mineralized products you aid your organs to detox, allowing your body to operate optimally in a more alkaline state.

It is very important to stay hydrated during your practice, especially if you are going for a sweaty class. Yoli has some cost effective mineralized alkaline products that make alkalizing your body easy and hassle free. From Yoli Fun products that are great for staying hydrated during a good yoga session; to Yoli Truth, perfect for the whole family; to Yoli Passion(s), which gives you a natural boost in clean and healthy alkaline energy while still remaining cost effective.