Commit to Stay Fit Through the Holiday Season

The Vital Gift of Optimal Health and Wellness for a Fitness Enthusiast

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As Christmas gets closer, the Daily Grind Fitness and Yoli the Better Body Company continues in our mission to bring you the perfect gifts for everyone in your life. This time we’ve focused on the Fitness Enthusiasts and how you can help them prevent and remedy the ailments that they commonly suffer from. As you read this article, keep in mind all the folks in your life that love to #RiseAndGrind to hit the gym every day, or clock in several miles running before their work day begins.

Muscle Soreness

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Ask any fitness enthusiast and they will say that they’ve felt the tolls of exercise at least once in the past few weeks, and that can present itself as sore muscles. Whether they’re new to exercise, or have been following a strict regimen for years, muscle soreness can affect all kinds of athletes. Along with proper nutrition and a balanced recovery, hydration has been documented to be a vital remedy for sore muscles.

By drinking half your body weight in ounces of water, the toxins that cause all that aching will be flushed from their bodies, while keeping them hydrated and improving athletic performance. Unfortunately, most water fountains at the gym are tap water which contains copious amounts of chlorine. Not to mention bottled water, which is not only bad for the environment but also very acidic. This acidity will make it harder for their bodies to recover from their workouts, and it will also create an environment where disease can flourish.

So, what else could be better this year, than a Holiday box of Passion under the Christmas tree? The fitness enthusiast in your life will love the convenient individual packs to bring with them to the gym, reduce chlorine and raise the pH of their water as they workout. By drinking Yoli’s Fun, Truth or Passion before, during and after exercise, they will be able to prevent muscles soreness and fatigue.

Joint Pain

joint pain

Sometimes after a long run, the marathon trained athlete might suffer from sore hips and knees, or the body builder might feel the toll of the heavy weight lifting. All of this can be put into simple forms by referring to it as joint pain. Although there are many remedies for joint pain like taking Flex, one of the most obvious ones is to hydrate. Water will feed the cartilage in the joints and keep them soft, preventing/reducing further joint pain. By staying properly hydrated on training days and rest days, athletes can do their part to keep their joints healthy.

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This Holiday season, give the fitness enthusiasts in your life the gift of Optimal Health and Wellness.

The Energy Wellness Pack

holiday wellness pack

is great for all types of athletes because they will be able to fill up their bottles before spin class, or before heading out for a jog, and stay alkaline and energized throughout their workout. This is the easiest person in your life to shop for. Just show them that you appreciate the thing they value most, their health.

Check out our Yoli website now, so that you can check those fitness addicts off your Christmas list. Browse through a variety of products that will keep sore muscles and joint pain at bay, while keeping a smile on their faces throughout their workout. By maintaining a healthy pH level, they will not only feel better, but they will also perform better.

Keep Grind’N!