Fitness business tips: Is social media working against you?

Is social media working against you?

Each morning your day may begin with 15 tweets, 6 status updates and 10 update later, you realize your entire day is gone! The lure of social media is hard to resist. Instant gratification, constant validation, and the illusion of productivity make the “matrix” irresistible. It is also easy!

So you can understand why many first-time fitness entrepreneurs, even without a concentrate modality in fitness or client to service, turn to social media first. I too was guilty of this; before having a solid business model, paying client, or a vision, I created 2 MySpace pages, three Twitter accounts and a less-than average LinkedIn page supporting my future business endeavors! Definitely a waste of time, in retrospect.

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The irony is that clients and real business comes from value, trust and relationships, not necessarily “tweets and snapchats” on the new social platform of the month (Good luck keeping up with new). Reliable business come from opt-in loyalist who honestly love your business and your value proposition.

Of course social media has its place as a useful tool to grow your business, but spamming asking for likes with irrelevant content doesn’t make a sustainable business. Random fans, friends and followers who are not truly committed to your brand unfortunately will waste your time, and will result in every low engagement levels.

Nurture your fans instead of aiming for large social media likes. Create some exclusive content and offers for them and show the love. Yes (we’ve all be guilty of this), no need to post when there is nothing useful to say…. Your loyal followers of your brand will understand. In the long run you will have more time to dedicate quality to those real clients that love your service.

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