How I Motivate

Let’s be honest: one of the hardest things about working out is taking the first step every single day. Below, I’ll let you in on how I motivate.

So many of us want to be healthy, and want the results from working out, but are unwilling and/or unmotivated to make the time that all of that requires.

Look at me: I work from home. I have a treadmill and various and sundry other workout tools in my basement. It would be easy for me to get down there a few times a day and lose some calories. But do I?


Instead, I sit at my computer, day in and day out, working, working, working. When I’m not working, I’m lazing about the house, watching TV or trying to relax.

Stepping away from work is hard. Getting onto a treadmill is also hard when you’re tired.

How It Feels Working Out

But here’s something funny: every time I workout, I get energized. The workout also makes me feel better than I did before I started. If I’m in pain with a headache, the headache goes away. When I’m angry, whatever is bothering me goes away. Whenever I’m stressed, sad, you name it. Working out makes things better.

One of the reasons why I workout twice a week with Jerome at Daily Grind Fitness is because if I don’t, I won’t. I know myself. I appreciate my challenges–motivation. I also realize that Jerome will do all of the thinking for me, and will push me to do things I never would do on my own.

I’ll admit it: I’m lazy.

Working Out with a Personal Trainer Helps to Motivate

Jerome pushes me past that laziness. Look at what he made me do yesterday!

rowing exercise

I would NEVER do this on my own. Trust me.

While working out at Daily Grind Fitness is fantastic, I can’t afford to have Jerome push me every day (as much as I would like to!), so I have to learn to motivate myself. Here are some things I’m trying to get better at doing:

Other Things That Can Help With Motivation

  1. Whenever I have to work out alone and I don’t feel like it, I tell myself, “just do 10 minutes!” Ten minutes doesn’t seem nearly as daunting as a whole hour. And you know what happens after 10 minutes? I feel great and think, “I can do 10 minutes more…” and then, sometimes I can push past a half hour or even an hour!
  2. I say a prayer. Ok, so I’m Catholic, and I believe strongly that I have to take care of this body that God gave me. I know that being overweight is not good for me, and I also know that it affects my moods in such a way that I am cranky when I don’t work out and feel fat. So I ask God for help. He never lets me down.
  3. Get outside. Aside from being allergic to all the trees around me, I am blessed to live in a beautiful neighborhood that is great for walking. There’s nothing to brighten your mood and take you outside of yourself like being outside in the sun and seeing the world around you.
  4. Look in my closet. I have a closet full of really cute clothes I haven’t worn for years. A peek in there reminds me what I have in store. Oh, hello, cute leather jacket!

I hope these simple tips will help you motivate your way toward getting a little more healthy. It’s amazing how getting fit changes our moods, perspectives, and focus, all in positive ways!

As Jerome always says: Keep Grindin’!

Next week, I’ll talk about something else I hate but have to do: STRETCHING!!!